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As a home or business owner, we know that you’re probably not a roofing expert, and that can make it hard to choose the right company for your job. Contractors are often out for themselves, looking for shortcuts and leaving you with an unreliable roof and a large bill. That’s not how we do business, and here are a few reasons you should trust us with your roofing project.

1 We are honest and committed to the Middle Tennessee Region.

When finding the best company for your needs, it is important to do your research. Oftentimes, companies known as “storm-chasers” will move into a highly affected area, offer their services, and then leave. This may be cheaper in some cases, but the companies have no commitment to you, so the quality of their work is often less than acceptable. Here at Seek One, we are locally owned and operated and committed to you so that we can assist you in your time of need and be there if anything happens in the future.

2 We have received many awards and great testimonials about our work.

We are proud to have received numerous awards and recognitions for our high quality work. Time and time again, we have exceeded expectations and left our customers more than satisfied with our services, products, and post-construction care. At our company, we consider a “satisfied customer” to be a failure, and instead we strive to have raving fans who are eager to tell their friends and family about us.

3 We pride ourselves on communication throughout the process and provide documentation on any additions, supplements or addendums to the cost.

Honesty is key in the business of roofing and construction. We strive for any potential additional cost during our inspection and in our proposals. If prices differ, problems arise, or concerns arise, you will be the first to know. We want to work with you at every stage of construction to keep things on track and up to your standards.

4 We will provide you with multiple material choices and a detailed explanation of the benefits of the systems we recommend.

Here at Seek One, we understand that you want to save money, but cheaper is not always better. Rather than being a company that only sells one level of product, we carry a huge variety of brands, materials and colors so that we have something for every person at every price point. We will educate you on all your options, and help you figure out what materials work best for your goals, budget, and time table. We guarantee that we will be competitively priced with contractors that are properly licensed and insured, and that are using the same materials and installation specifications that we use.





What our customers have to say

Customer Reviews

Jordan and Chase helped us get a whole new roof fully covered by insurance! They visited us with information about potential hail damage from a known storm. They were so professional and knowledgeable. After completing a free drone flyover to take photos to identify damage, they personally helped me submit the claim to my insurance, and came out to meet with our adjuster. Next week we receive our new roof. I am thoroughly impressed by their work ethic and ability to deliver. And I am relieved to have one major maintenance project complete. I highly recommend having these guys check out your roof!
Cristina S.
Roof Replacement
My experience with Seek One Construction was excellent from the beginning to the completion. My sales rep, Jordan, explained the entire process, brought over several samples and stayed on site throughout the entire project. The site manager worked with his crew to complete the job, we had a new roof in one day!

If you need a new roof, you will not find a better team or get a better price. I highly recommend!

Kaitlyn L.
Roof Replacement
Seek One construction recently just installed a new roof on my home. They did everything they said they were going to do in a very professional manner. From getting into contact with the company to my roof being installed everything was a very enjoyable and great experience. This is a company with great product, great service, and great vision. Looking forward to working with them later down the road and I know who to rely on in the future
Grant Pearce
Roof inspection, Storm / wind damage roof repair, Roof repair, Roof installation

As an extremely picky engineer, I usual don’t give 5 stars… As for Seek One Construction, I find it hard to offer any criticism with my entire roofing project. I am extremely satisfied with this company from start to finish!

Alex M.
Roof Repair
In a sea of mediocrity of home service companies, Seek One definitely stands out as excellent. Yes, the actual work done was top-quality, but the biggest differentiator for us was the professional relationship. Conner and Chase are outstanding communicators and were on-site the entire time. The team cared for our home as if it was their own, even skimming our pool during clean-up. I fully commend Seek One to you without reservation.
Gary M.
Roof Repair

From day one, Chase at Seek One has gone above and beyond throughout the entire roofing process with me. On installation day, he provided step by step updates and work was completed quickly! I now have a beautiful roof thanks to him and he has a customer for life. Thank you so much for being there in my time of need!

Ben W.
Roof Replacement

I went through several roofing companies before reaching seek one. Chase and Jordan helped me get my entire roof covered by insurance. They were very professional throughout the whole process and I enjoyed working with them very much! I will definitely be recommending them to my friends and family!

Emily M.
Roof Replacement